Welcome to the Alderney Landing's Fear the Darkness Personnel Registration Site!

Welcome to Alderney's Fear the Darkness Haunted House. Thank you for joining our crew! This is an amazing non-profit adventure!

  You MUST download the forms below and complete them as well as go to fireextinguishertraining.com and complete the test, print out your certificate and bring with you to Alderney Landings' Fear the Darkness Haunted House , or screen shot it filled out and send to, jane@alderneylanding.com. You must pass the quiz by 100% to receive your certificate. 

You can then use the Haunt Scheduler to book days that you are available.

If you need to cancel a shift you have signed up for, you must text Jane as soon as possible to let her know at 902- 499-1744. 

Thank you for helping us!

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